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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。

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1◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Thu May 30, 2013 2:32 pm


Heir pup
I have no fancy letters on my bio so? ..Deal with it!

◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Such_a12

Name: Xyla

birth Name: River

Gender: female

Age: about 2 1/2 year

Eye colour: a electrizic azure blue (Like mother)

Fur colour: ivory white

Origin: Boreal forest

Rank: Heir...I guess (altough she cant remember her past anymore)

Crush: None

Mate: None and not looking

Physical appereance: Everybody knew her as the small and fluffly fur ball back in her pup years...but in the past year Xyla has turned into a strong, young fae. Her pelt is very thick and soft to touch. The fur on her chest has grown long while her legs are the most less furred part of her body. The colour of her muzzle has changed into a slight silvery tone and is mostly visible when the sun happens to shine on her. While her torso is covered in long, fluffly fur, making it look filled with muscles, the rest of her body is short haired and makes her look rather slim.

Personality: The first thing you would think from this young lady if you saw her would be, how sweet and harmless she looks like. Biggest misleading image you could have of her tough.... The former her may was a playful and cheerful pup but now...she has turned into a serious, irritable and self confident young female. She´s tough and wont tolerate a childish and unthoughtful act if it leads to a problem. Altough she almost always seems serious and also kind of...aggressive from the outside, the respectfullness within her towards others is still here. She has a pure heart and is very protective over people who are dear to her. It will take a while tough till you find this soft part of hers.

Ability(ies): Unlimited staminia. She´s a true expert when it comes to long and hard travels which take several weeks. It´s no problem for her at all to keep up with other wolves altough she mainly looks like the kind who couldnt even run a kilometre without complaining about her hurting paws. Also, instead of trying to crush the bones of her enemies/prey in order to kill them, she uses both her speed and the sharphness of her teeth in order to cut through the flesh of animals. She´s not the tallest and the strength of her bite isnt always enough in order to
bring down her enemies/prey. So she uses her speed and the sharpness of her fangs in order to cut through the flesh. She does that several times on her target till the blood loss is big enough for it to not being able, fighting probably. It´s mostly very effective and because of her speed she´s not easy to catch, especially not by bigger opponents.

Father - Akkero (dead)
brother - Mato (gone..)
mother - Serenity (passed away)
other - (unknown)

River´s past: Born as a royal pup in a big, gorgeous and loving pack. Raised by a beautiful mother, protected by her family and friends but in the end....lost everything... Xyla was born in the boreal forest pack as the second heir pup in the litter after her older brother Mato. She was named River back then...before the big tragedy and was as helpless as a newborn pup could be. However, the time came when her bright blue eyes opened and saw the beautiful world she was born in for the first time. She learned how to control her body very fast for a pup but on the other hand it took her quite a while till she finally decided to leave the den in order to investigate her home. Her father´s death was the very first reason for River to go out of the den since she wanted to rescue him but in the end she almost experienced a freezing death herself. The other pups in the pack however, followed her and eventually rescued River from the painful cold. Arriving at the den, she and the whole pack had to hear the news about Akkero´s sudden death. Everybody was depressed and upset, more than River could probably be since she never really had the opportunity to spend some time with him. Her older brother Mato however, was the most shocked of all since he has seen his father as his one and only idol. He even went so far, trying to kill himself by drowning in a deep pond. River noticed her brother´s drastic decision and rescued him together with Akai, the elder and Misty, an orphan pup. Every single one of them survived and at this fateful day, River could feel that she became much stronger. Not only because she managed to leave the den on her own and rescued her brother from drowning but also because she has already experienced the horrible ways of death in this early age.

Anyways...time is precious...Also something River already had to learn as a young pup. Her biggest wish is it to return back to the time, before her childhood completely ended. Everything started when her mother suddenly got sick. The whole pack was very worried about her and every member tried their best to nurse her back to health but it all seemed useless. A few wolves, mainly healers, then went on a journey in order to find a certain herb which is known to be able to heal every kind of illness. River also secretely travelled through the land in order to find this herb since she couldnt just sit there and watch her mother die. Determined as always, she sneaked out of the den when nobody was paying attention to her. She can still remember this night....this beautiful night where the moon was full and shined on the mountains, almost seeming like some sort of guidance through her journey. River thought it would be easy as cake to find this little plant but...before she knew it several months passed and she has turned into a young adult. She met many creatures, small, big, thick, thin...some good...some greedy...some even evil... She has seen so much in this world and in the end didnt manage to find that special herb. Sad and dissapointed she returned back home. The rest of her hope lied on the healers who also seeked for the herb. She hoped they would have been successfull and managed to cure her mother during her absence.
But instead...a horrible and traumatic shock awaited her at home... Before she even got her she already felt the disturbance lingering in the air telling her that something wasnt allright here. She didnt await tough...that the path who lied ahead of her to the den was covered with her fellow pack members lifeless bodies. So much went on in her head and yet it was so less. The shock was enorm and destroyed both her hope and heart which was full with happiness and passion. Still she denied the fact that her pack got completely erased from this world, she DIDN´T want it to be true and even closed her eyes, walking the rest blindly to the den. When she finally was in the cave, she stopped not daring to go any further. She looked around first, still not moving an inch and tried to to fight off her inner instinct from running away. Lost in thought as she was, River finally came back to reality when she spotted a big bundle of white fur further back, surrounded by the darkness. Slowly, she made her way to it...still oblivious...that means...trying to act oblivious about what it could be. It was a body....covered in dust and quite in a miserable shape...The head faced the wall so River put all her courage together and touched the skull and turned it to the side so it faced her instead of the cold stone. When she saw her lovely, deformed face...her in dirt covered, beautiful pure white fur she knew...that it was her dear mum. She didnt deny the fact anymore that eveyone was dead but she couldnt accept it either...not yet. She backed away from her mother, ears dropped and tail between her trembling legs. She never felt so lost in her life... River ran out of the den as fast as she could and searched for other members who are still alive..mainly Akai, Mato and the other pups with whom she has spent her whole childhood together but she couldnt find them. Not even their bodies. More than dissapointed in herself, since she always felt somehow responsible for the well-being of her family, and trying to fight back the madness which grew inside her, she ran away. She ran and ran and hold back the desire to turn around. Exhausted she reached the top of a hill where she finally cried out the whole guilt and sorrow she felt within. It was no beautiful howl at didnt even count as a howl. It was a loud scream of a desperate daughter, friend, sister... who had lost everything she thought were the only things worth living for....

Not only she knew that her childhood was over after that experience, her whole life was destroyed....She died...River died. She wanted to get rid of that dead self of hers so she began a new life...a life not as River but as Xyla...


Xyla´s story: Xyla has spent her young life, travelling through several places in this world. Some where cursed with unbarable heats, some with unusual freezing temperatures. She cared less about this, since she never really stayed at one place for too long, also the reason why she doesnt have any friends. Not that she wanted any friends....

However, one day she stumbled upon a rather bizarre land. wasnt strange or anything but it seemed pretty liveless and quiet. A wide and broad forest spread through that place, so mysterious yet so delightful and adventureous. Xyla just had to explore it and she did. The woods seemed so unpredictable and yet...they were so familiar to her. It´s like...she has already been there...a long time ago. Xyla didnt know exactly where she was but according to what she heard from the inhabitants of this place, it´s called...Boreal forest.

Extra info: Xyla cant remember her past anymore. She has repressed her sad memory about the boreal forest pack...She wanted to start a new life and erase the former one. It worked. However, just because she forgot everything about her childhood doesnt mean that the memory isnt there anymore. It´s still here, locked up deep within her like a prisoner. But...who knows... perhaps it´ll get released someday.


Gleaming in the moonlight, cool and clean and all I´ve ever known...all I´ve ever wanted

Sweet perfumes of flowers and a comfortable den made of protecting stone...all I´ve ever wanted

This is my home...with my father, mother, brother Oh so noble, Oh so strong

Now I am home... here among my pack, my friends and family where I belong
And if anybody doubts it. They couldnt be more wrong

I am a sovereign princess of the forest, a proud daugther of the history that´s shown

Surely this is all I´ve ever wanted.... Was it really- all I´ve ever wanted?

◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 8967cc10

Last edited by Xyla on Fri May 31, 2013 11:05 am; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Spelling, grammar and...stuff)

2◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Fri May 31, 2013 3:35 am


◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Temp-810

That was so intense :'o

3◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Fri May 31, 2013 4:54 am


Heir pup
Thanks^^ I put a lot of effort in it. I hope the story is okay since some Members were involved in it. I dont want to make anybody angry in case I´ve wrote something stupid or untrue about their character. :/

4◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:58 pm


It's amazing Xyla! Yep, I bet it took alot of effort, but hey, it was worth it. xD

5◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:51 am


Heir pup
Believe it or not it took me several days (I think even a week) to write this XD and since english isnt my first language, it was even more difficult to do Razz Oh yeah btw I would like to ask how do you put those fancy letters on your bios? Is there a special site or something?

6◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:07 pm


Oh le sparkly letter's? If you are talking about the ones on Xernity's, there are sites I believe. Just type in "text designs" or something like that on google idk. I can't put them on mine because you have to download them.
Example Site:

If you mean fonts then you just pick one of the fonts up above, for example Arial, then open up something like word, pick whatever font you like, and then delete the Arial, and paste whatever font you picked into it.

[font=Orator Std]Something random[/font]

Then it would look like this- Something Random

7◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:25 pm


Heir pup Thanks for the info^^ Gosh how do you guys find those sites! Man! DX

8◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 Empty Re: ◌゚。 Xyla ◌゚。 on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:01 pm


Don't doubt the wisdom of google xD

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