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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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-Vaxtu | Berserker-

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1-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Wed May 22, 2013 9:47 pm


-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_10
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_10
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_11
N A M E << Vaxtu
N I C K N A M E << Vax
G E N D E R << Male
A G E << Three years and Seven months
P A C K << The Boreal Forest Pack
R A N K << Berserker
D E S I R E D - R A N K << He's no dreamer
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_12
S T R E N G T H / S P E E D << 70
W I S D O M / F O C U S << 20
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_13
C O A T - C O L O R << Vaxtu's coat is often described as ugly, he has a muddied tan base coat with dirt brown markings and dull black streaks that highlight his dusty hide on his flanks, back, and upper cranium. An even lighter and duller hue of tan brightens his cheeks, flecks his chest, and outlines his large paws
E Y E - C O L O R << A rotting squash hue with gold ringing his iris
P H Y S I Q U E << Despite his unappealing looks, he is a massive brute with muscle bulking his build and showing through his thickly placed fur. His legs are long, placed at a stout stance and his muzzle is wide. Basically his entire being is massive, the only exeption being his unpraportional ears that are small and irregular in shape
W O U N D S << Wounds cover his hide, including stretching scars, deep scratches, swollen brusies and bug bites, his tail even has a kink in it and is half way bitten off. He has a slight over bite, his back leg is ever so slightly twisted, giving him an awkward gait and his front left paw is badly splayed
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_14
S K I L L S << If anything his raw strength provides him as an exellent fighter, he can also handle wounds easily, he is a great coper with pain both emotionally and physically, and he has a strong bite to his jaws that can break bones with a snap
W E A K N E S S E S << He is terrible at making friends and his looks ruin his pride, his twisted back leg and splayed front paw also ruin his ability to run over tough terrain
P E R S O N A << Vaxtu is a brute that has since long forgotten his heart, he now carries a heavy weight on his shoulders that makes him a vile, savage brute. He is aggressive in every possible way and some say he has no heart and that he has gone crazy with the loss of his family and the fact that he is the last canine to carry his blood, he has no one left which has made him not have a care for anything. He holds no interests but fighting and no skills but fighting. He is a truly bloodlust beast even though he tries to control his anger and calm himself, it is often not enough. Other than that he is secluded and silent, not speaking to anyone and no longer wishing for friends, love, or family. The most he can hope for now is a place to sleep
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_15
M A T E << Sadri
P U P S << Lutka, Bautzi, Donta, Ferra, and Ondra
F A T H E R << Zoduus{Through Knowledge} and Casail{Through Blood}
M O T H E R << Bran{Through Knowledge) and Sataire{Through Blood}
B R O T H E R S << Jerah{Through Knowledge} and Bandi{Through Knowledge}
S I S T E R S << Laviaire{Through Knowledge} and Kholan{Through Blood}
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_16
H I S T O R Y << Like most violent brutes out there, Vaxtu has a story to tell, each scar releasing a part of his shadowed path. Since the beginning of his birth he was disgraced, his mother a pathetic omega of a large pack who didn't believe in justice or mercy. However, he was not born in his pack in which he was raised, in fact, his mother gave birth to him and Kholan in the hands of the human. The raven femme had just been captured by a couple of disgruntled poachers, the very day she was taken was the day Vaxtu was born. The air was cold and the first thing that greeted the young brute was the stench of steel. Something rumbled under his paws and his whole body was shaking as the surface on which he lie quaked beneath his very body. He didn't know it at the time, but he was born in a human transportation unit, more commonly known as a trailer that was hitched to the truck. Sataire was weak, ever so weak from lack of both food and water, also from lack of treatment that she so desired if she were to survive. Only for one evening was Vaxtu there with his mother. As the sun began to dip below the horizon and as darkness slowly began to spread its shivering claws across the scape, the vehicle halted to a stop. The poachers climbed out of their transportation device and went to the trailer where the opened the doors to retrieve their canine prize, only to find them selves shoved onto the ground as Vaxtu's mother leapt atop them with barred fangs. In the procces of her attacking did the two pups fall out undetected by the men, before Sataire was shot by mankind, she died immediatelty. Once the femmes blood went cool, the poachers gathered her up, sat her back inside the trailer, and went into a human nest, also known as a gas station. After only moments did they return and start to drive away...crushing small Kholan with a tire in the proccess. So now Kholan was also dead, Vaxtu was all alone in the world. He curled up by his sister, unsure on what to do and refusing to leave her side, awaiting his mothers return, not aware of her death, she never came back, he never saw her again.

The very next morning as the sun peaked out from the landscape, allowing light to cast across the sky, Vaxtu's pack arove on the scene. They had been tracking Sataire sense she had dissapeared and finally they reached the end of the line, where two pups, one diseased and one confused, lie on the ground. His sister was immediately burried and he himself was taken with the pack where he was given a new mother who had given birth only months ago and still had milk left. Along with his new mother, he also received a father, two brothers, and a sister, all of who were older than him. From there he grew, unaware of the rumors that spread around about him, the rumors told that it was Vaxtu himself who had murdered his own mother and little sister, even though that would not have been possible for him to do so as he was much too young at the time. As time wore on and as his height and bulky build sprouted drastically, so did his knowledge on the rumors. At first he tried not to let it get to him, but in time he started to believe the rumors were true...

He slowly started to break a part, some say he grew crazy. The knowledge that he presumably killed his only real family members shattered his heart. Aggression slowly started to overcome the male, as well as depression, this lasted for only a few months before he met two loners on the edge of his territory. Their names were Fola and Sadri, they were sisters, twins to be exact. The minute Vaxtu spotted the femme, Fola, he felt something stir inside of him. Love? Longing? Wishing, maybe? He wasn't sure though a warmness filled his body. The two faes came foward and they joined the pack, and Vaxtu became an immediate flirter to Fola who paid him no mind. His heart swelled for her, but she never gave him a second glance. He brought her fresh kill, blocked the rain from pouring on her with his massive body, but whenever he made conversation or smiled, she turned her back on him. Of course he was heart broken, he thought he had found true love, only to discover that love would stab you in the back. However, little did he know, that Fola was only doing this to him for her dear sister, Sadri, who had had a crush on him since the very beginning. Vaxtu had no idea of the femmes feelings though he soon forced his feelings for Fola away, not allowing himself to fall in fake love again. Though he did indeed fall in love again, though it was unpurposefully. He slowly began to hang out with Sadri and he too, soon felt something for her. Just a few more months and it was deffinate, he was in love again with the fae, it was a perfect combanation of canines. They became mates what others would say were too soon and before they knew it, they were barrying a litter of pups. They were both jovial, there were 3 males and 2 females, in which they loved very much. Being three years old, they desired to get away from the pack, disperse, and start their own, however that is not what happened as Donta fell ill, extremely ill. They weren't sure what was wrong with them, he caught an extreme fever and soon, he passed. However he didn't pass before giving Sadri, Ferra, Ondra, and Lutka the disease as well. As you may have guessed, three weeks later, Ondra passed, soon followed by Ferra, Sadri and Lutka. Once again pain pierced his body, his heart slowly began to grow cold to everyone around him, he felt extreme hate for everyone as a new rumor started, not that he had killed his mother and sister, but rather his own mate and pups. Vaxtu tried not to let this bother him, but he had no choice but to let it, though he always tried to stay strong for his last and only son left, Bautzi. Bautzi managed to survive as well, the death of his siblings and mother had taken a pretty big toll on him as well, but he stayed strong and he lived on, saddly his heart only kept on beating until he reached seven months old when a bear attacked Bautzi in battle, killing him hours after the attack. This is the one thing that triggered Vaxtu, he suddenly became a bloodlust brute, savage, crazy, and insane. He went after the alpha, blaming the alpha for the mistakes of his life, for allowing his mother to get captured and die, for ruining his life. In Vaxtu's eyes, it was all the alphas fault.

The war was savage between the two brutes, blood was everywhere, bones were broken, scars were given, and death was at each brutes door step. In the end no one won, they were both extremely injured. Vaxtu received a broken back leg that was twisted, his paw was twisted at an awkward angle, giving it a splayed look, and his tail had a new kink in it, in the end the back of his tail was to be totally cleared off. As for the alpha, he recieved wounds as well, including scars, scratches, gashes, broken ribs, and one ear torn almost completely off. Both were to weak to finish the fight, so the canine that was second in charge, banished the two of them from the territory for their stupidness, although the did recieve medical attension before they were off on their way. Vaxtu left the area and traveled far, angry fuiling him onward before he finally the Boreal Forest Pack and forced calmness upon himself. To this day Vaxtu has the disoriented look that the alpha gave him, many flaws still etched into his hide and nightmares haunting his memories.
-Vaxtu | Berserker- Vaxtu_11

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2-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Wed May 22, 2013 9:49 pm


Ohhhhhh, nice bio Vaxtu!

The history to your story was so creative and thoughtful as well.

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3-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Wed May 22, 2013 9:51 pm


Thank you, I worked hard on it! I have to admit it was fun to make his history, and I have a feeling he will be an interesting character to roleplay as =D

4-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Wed May 22, 2013 11:58 pm


Whoop! Nice bio, Vaxtu. (I love saying the name XD)

5-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Thu May 23, 2013 8:02 pm


-Vaxtu | Berserker- Temp-810

I've got to say, you and your sister make some awesome biographies ^o^
Welcome to the Boreal Forest!

6-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Thu May 23, 2013 11:31 pm


Haha, thanks guys ^^ And yes, we are both creative, plus we tend to use the same sites when creating biographies and that kind a stuff =D

7-Vaxtu | Berserker- Empty Re: -Vaxtu | Berserker- on Sun May 26, 2013 12:06 pm


Welcome to the pack, brother! (late welcome, I know -.-)

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