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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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Welcome To Me Bio Guest!
★ P H A N T O M ★ XaNFxOktiw
★ P H A N T O M ★ 3094694

Name: Phantom

Gender: Male/Brute

Fur color: White, With very small grey and yellow. hairs

Eye color: His eyes are a sort of greyish blue. Pretty much Silver.

★ P H A N T O M ★ Thumb_3jd9n0it9f7c709odzix6neb

Age: 3 and 4 Moons.

Physical Appearance: Phantom is rather large. He is only a small bit larger than the average male. He has long, Slender legs, however, whom make him very fast. His jaws carry a fierce bite, perfect for throwing down prey. He is quite handsome, but he is just... "Invisible" almost. He can beat you up with ease if you piss him off...

Personality: Phantom must be the most quiet wolf ever. He HATES large crowds. He loves isolation, and the only animal that he will let go near him is Russia, His son. He will constantly scream and shout, and sometimes even cause self harm to himself. He loves his son, but He hates almost everything now. he isn't really... MEAN, but He just... Is broken hearted. He has one #1 fear. The fear of going insane. But, He DOES also have anger issues, so if an arrogant wolf disrespects him, He will kick ass.
★ P H A N T O M ★ 0_7076d_3d7d0806_L

History: Phantom was born to his mother, Secret, and his father, Ellidi, As the runt. His father and mother were small, and Phantom was the largest of his litter. His brothers, Chance and Chase, thought he was huge. But, Compared to the other pups, He was only average. His father... Never seemed to like him. Nor his mother. Soon, His brothers turned on him aswell. Then, Chance had gone too far. He accused phantom of Murdering the smallest pups, When chance had done it! They drove him out of the pack, Leaving a scar on his flank. It still remains, Deep and scarred. He traveled all the way from Norway, all the way to BFP. (Don't ask him how he got here...) On his way their, he had fallen in love. he fell in love with a wonderful White Fae, Named Harmony. He had stayed with her for a long time, and in the spring, Harmony born 2 children. One, Was a male. His name, was Russia. Then, They had a child named Starlet. But, He wasn;t far enough from his pack. They found him. He saw in horror as his own father had ripped his daughter open, and captured Harmony. Russia, Thankfully had survived, and is with Phantom today.

★ P H A N T O M ★ Tumblr_m7njq8fGCO1rxyfbeo1_500

Likes: Pups, Females, Hunting, Running, Howling, Sleeping, Eating, His leader(s), Peace.

Dislikes: Fights, Chaos, Death, Annoying Wolves, Violence.

Other(optional): He has a Yorkshire accent, Kinda Irish!

Theme Song:

Skillet - Monster ( Search it on youtubee)

★ P H A N T O M ★ Tumblr_ml0qtvjV3x1rk4afvo1_500

**Genetic Potentials/skills**:

Strength & Speed: 70

Wisdom & Focus: 20

★ P H A N T O M ★ Sc15-550x366

Last edited by Phantom on Tue May 14, 2013 10:56 pm; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : I liek Perfection, I am getting perfection by editing this... -_-)

2★ P H A N T O M ★ Empty Re: ★ P H A N T O M ★ on Sun May 12, 2013 6:48 pm


★ P H A N T O M ★ Temp-810

3★ P H A N T O M ★ Empty Re: ★ P H A N T O M ★ on Sun May 12, 2013 10:12 pm


Heeeey Phantom, great new wolf ya have there.~

4★ P H A N T O M ★ Empty Re: ★ P H A N T O M ★ on Tue May 14, 2013 7:01 pm


Shaks, might not be on 4 about a week Razz

Just so u know....

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