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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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1★ The ★ Five ★ Souls ★ Pack ★ Empty ★ The ★ Five ★ Souls ★ Pack ★ on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:02 pm



TheFive SoulsPack


✦ Info

Pack Site:
Pack Colours: Dark blue fading to medium blue then to cyan and finally white, grey and black
Members: 2
Males: 1 ♂
Females: 1 ♀
Dominants: 1 || 10 ♛
Newest Members: Akule
Member of the Month: None
Rating: ★ || ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


✦ Packs

Grand Woods - Grand Woods have the soul of skill. They are quick to learn and get the hang of things. They can also train to become just as strong in one of the other souls. Dominant(s): Gemini(me)

Icy Peak - Icy Peak wolves have the soul of endurance. No other wolves can stay in a battle without doing any damage as long as these guys. Part of that talent is their thick fur...

ϟ Powerful Plains - The Powerful Plains have the soul of speed. Wind under their paws is the only reason how they survive, that and the one thing all the packs hold.

Raging River - Raging River are the soul of strength. Just one of them could pull a heavy loaded sled with ease.

Howling Cliffs - Howling cliffs have two souls. The power of voice which is their very loud howls and barks, and the element of stamina.

TheFiveSoulsPack - The whole of the wolves in this one valley have a extra soul, the soul of courage and bravery.


✦ Rules

#1: No inappropriate behaviour! This goes for everyone. You will be downed to the very last rank for a week or as long as you keep acting like that. If you don't you will be banned for a month and if you keep doing it, deleted.

#2: Keep foul language down! It is aloud but don't go putting it in every post you make or you will the last rank until you stop.

#3: Respect higher ranks! If they are a higher rank it's because they earned it so respect them. I don't really care if you kiss their feet, just don't go treating the admins and mods like dirt.

#4: No out-of-character bullying! Don't take roleplay personally if someone is mean to you but please PM if someone is taking roleplay a bit too far and bullying you in the chat box or somewhere else on the forums. They will be banned without further warning for a month and deleted if they continue to bully.

#5: No TMI! Don't give to much info. This explains itself really...

#6: Respect the wolf, respect the pack! Keep to the rules. If I see you breaking a rule every week you will be deleted and banned.


✦ Ranks

♛ Chief Dominant - Alpha - The leaders of their pack but they still bow for only the founder. They have earned this rank through pure grit and loyalty. Let's just say, getting even near this rank is almost heart stoppingly hard. There can only be two of this rank per pack, one male

☪ Vice Subordinate - Beta - The second-in-commands of their pack who fill in for the Dominant when they're gone. Even just to get this far the chances are you didn't get this far, that simple. It takes true loyalty to earn this rank. Like Dominant there can only be one male and one

➳ Soldier - Warrior - The warriors of the packs. They have a job to do, protect and fight. They patrol the territory for danger if there isn't a fight to be had. There can be many of this rank and of any gender.

卐 Slayer - Hunter - The hunter-gathers of the packs. They go out collecting herbs for the shamans and hunting meat for their pack. There can be many of this rank and of any gender

✚ Shaman - Healer - The skilled healers of their packs. They take care of pups, elders and injured or sick wolves. They also take care of any spirit-sort of stuff. There can be many of this rank and of any gender.

✡ Elder - Aged - The retired wolves. All these aged characters have to worry about is teaching, telling stories of their past and a few more things. There can be many of this rank and of any gender.

❤ Youth - Pup/Yearling - The young ones in the packs. All these little fluff balls have to worry about is learning. There can be many of this rank and of any gender

✒ Lower - Omega - There are many reason and jobs of this rank, whether it's to cheer up your pack, you put here because you broke a rule or law or it's just because your new and you have to prove yourself to the pack. This rank is always open for both males and females.

♆ Lone Stranger - Outsider - This rank is for those who haven't met or got a pack yet. This rank is always open and accepting any gender.


✦ Pack Notices

We are still making roleplay locations, but after we've got them up roleplay is open!
We are looking for trust-worthy Dominants to lead the four other packs.
We are always looking for new members!


✦ Members

Gemini - ♀ - ✪ - ♛
Akule - ♂ - ✪ - ☪


✦ Joining

Eye Colour:
Fur Colour:


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