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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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The Very Beginning: History of Ekon and Kohana (History Part 1)

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The Very Beggining: Two Packs Become One, Fighting For One Cause...

Many years ago, in the late 1500's lived many packs. One of those...were the Boreal Forest pack. Although small, we grew to be one the largest there is. It all started with a wolf whose name was Kohana. Kohana was a sleek, small wolf. She was very traditional, and held many beliefs most would find strange. No one knew where she came from, although most believe she came from the Northern Lands. She started out as a loner, but soon grew to have many followers. That was when she created a pack. As a pack, she held many festivals. These festivals honored various spirits that she believed controlled the very forces of nature. Her pack also wore feathers as decorations, they even used berries to paint their pelts. Each color had a different meaning, and their were also symbols members could wear. Kohana's pack soon grew, not large enough to compete with the top five, but large enough to be considered worthy.

Her pack was also one of the few who didn't believe in fighting, and while they still held borders, it was very unlikely for them to ever bicker with a neighboring pack. Becasue of this, many wolves of other larger packs decided to join the Boreal pack, sick of costant wars with the other top packs. Everything was well...until one day.

It was December, and already an awful winter was currently in place. An awful blizzard swept across the land, turning the land pure white. Prey soon faded, and sickness soon appeared for all the packs. It was the worst anyone has ever seen. The land wasn't large enough to support all the packs, and soon the largest ones started to fight. They crossed each other's territory and stole what little prey there was, some even attacked each other, willing to eat anything...even their own kind. Kohana's pack was hit espeacially hard. Other packs knew she wouldn't fight back, so they stole their resources...

By the middle of January, about all the elders and pups have died from the cold or sickness. Eventually Kohana had to do something. The others were too proud to ask for help, and her pack members were dying. She had to get everyone together...only SHE knew how to stop this...

Leaving her pack was a huge risk, but she took it anyways. Kohana travelled to each pack, demanding they get together, and how she knew what was causing the winter. Some of the larger packs refused, too proud, or just not believing her story. Most however accepted, having no where else to go but wait to die. Each pack leader, led by Kohana, made their way to the top of White the spot known as Aurora Peak. It was there...that a winter spirit known as the Pomola lived. The Pomala was a bird spirit..that was the casue for the coldness. Each leader pleaded to the bird to stop the blizzard...but it refused.

The Pomala was not happy for being disturbed, it flapped its great wings causing a strong chilling wind to sweep across the land, causing even the trees to freeze with ice. The bird screeched with power, echoing thoughout the mountainland. At this point, many alpha's turned tail and ran, fearing their life. Even Kohana, as close as she was to spirits, did not know why the bird was being so difficult. It was then, that another alpha stepped forward. His name...was Ekon.

Ekon was the leader of the strongest pack at the time...he was a noble and brave wolf, letting nothing stop his goals. He faced the spirit, standing tall and unafraid, and Kohana joined him by his side. They left after the bird still dissagreed to stop, but Ekon and Kohana would not give up.

Only days later, the few remaining packs who still stood with Kohana, joined as one. Ekon proposed a plan to attack the spirit. Kohana, beleving in peace, went against it, but soon knew it had to be done. Ekon was who led the attack, each pack who agreed let their strongest wolves leave to go to the mountain. About four packs, joined as one...
About seventy wolves ran their way up the mountain, about to face an imortal beast.
It was a long and awful battle, the spirit took many lives....but after hours of fighting, the spirit surrendered...

Ekon proposed a deal to the long as it controlled its powers and din't harm the pack, Ekon and the others wouldn't disturb the bird ever again. Reluclently, the winter spirit agreed, and dissapeared. Ever since that day, the spirit was never seen again, although you can still hear its call. It still remains in the mountains, making blizzards and harsh winds, but not as bad as all those years ago...and as long as no wolf disturbs it, it won't harm us anymore.

After the battle though, even having victory, things were still bad...there were not enough wolves to support a pack, and so many have already been wiped it was then...that the two wolves, Ekon and Kohana, let both their packs come together as one. They were now both the alpha's of the Boreal Forest Pack, and the strongest to come out of winter. The other once strong packs though, were now gone...wiped out by sickness and coldness.
Although sad, this made prey and land more available, and battles were not fought over like before. There was room for everyone.

By spring, Ekon and Kohana gave life to six pups, who then continued in their parents place, eventually coming to us today. Over the generations, when new settlers came and built structures, our pack slowly grew smaller.

But even so, we mannaged to survived over hundred of years, adopting to whatever was thrown at us. We are still the pack we were back then, brave and determmined, letting nothing take us down.


Mythical Creatures Used:

Pomala- The Pomala was a winter bird spirit that lived atop mountains. It was known to create cold weather, this included snow, wind, and even the night. It is not recommended to approach it, even though it has never took any lives. The spirit does not like to be disturbed.

Our pack believes it is what creates the coldness, along with other winter spirits. Although the Pomala is our most popular winter spirit we believe in.

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