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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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The Warnings

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1The Warnings Empty The Warnings on Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:51 pm


This topic will describe the 3 warnings that are set out for anyone. Remember, for every warning, you receive negative points, which hold you back from promoting to a higher rank. We do not wish to give out warnings to any of our pack members, so please avoid being given one.

Warning #1 - This is exactly what it means, just a friendly warning. Once you get this warning, you have 3 days to improve. Also, your access to the site will be limited just slightly. If you did improve, you will be cleared of this warning and start fresh.

Warning #2 - Things get a bit more harsh with this warning. You will be temporarily banned from the site for a week. Once the week has passed, you will be allowed back in. If you imporoved, you will go down to the first warning and make your way out. On the other hand, if you got worse, you will receive the third warning.

Warning #3 - The last and final warning. In this warning, you will be banned for 30 days. After 30 days, you will be allowed back in again. You still have a chance to improve and will be able to skip the 2nd warning and move down to the first warning. If the behavior persists, you will be banned permanently without further notice.

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