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Behind the Scenes of Le Elder~

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1Behind the Scenes of Le Elder~ Empty Behind the Scenes of Le Elder~ on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:33 pm


Name: Alex

Nickname: Mystic

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birthday: January 2nd, 1997

Location: In this sexy man called America. I HAVE CLAIMED HIM, NO TAKE! Oh yeah, in the state of Ohio. Although Florida sounds nice. *wink wink*

Likes: Anime, Cosplay, Sleeping, Dreams, Zodiacs, MLP, Mythical Creatures, Wolves, Quiet, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Nature, Public Trolling

Dislikes: Dissrespecful People, Sudden Noises, People Walking Slow, Kissing, Cuddling, Talking, Crowds, Parties

Apperence: Medium Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes With Glasses, Short

Anime, becasue I have no life XD

~ Hetalia
~ Bleach
~ Code Geass
~ Wolfs Rain
~ Soul Eater
~ Lucky Star
~ Black Butler
~ Blue Exorsist
~ Madoka Magica
~ Sonic (All of them)
~ Black Rock Shooter
~Full Metal Alchemist
~Hell Sing
~Pandora Hearts
~King Of Bandit Jing
~Sword Art Online
~Fairy Tail

::In Progress::

::Never Fiinished::
~SGT Frog
~Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters


Other: I do have a disabilitly known as Aspergers, which is a form of Autism. Aspergers is where you have trouble comunicating due to a lack of ceratain brain cells. It is also known as "high Funtioning Autism". Since this is the internet, and I'm more socil on here, my symtoms won't really show, but here is what its like for me in real life.

Apperance (Personal Habbits)

-Dresses comfortably due to sensory issues and practicality.

-Will not spend much time on grooming and hair. Hairstyles ussually have to be 'wash and wear'. Can be quite happy not grooming at all sometimes.

-Eccentric personality; may be reflected in apperance

-Is youthful for her age, in looks, dress, behavier, and tastes.

-Ussually alittle more expressive in face and gesture than male counter parts. **Not really**

-May have androgynous traits despite an outwardly female apperance. Think of herself as half-male/half-female. **E'YUP**

-May not have a strong sense of identity and can be very chameleon-like. **._.**

-Enjoys reading and films as a retreat, often scifi, fantasy, children's, can have favorites which are a refuge. **Reading and anime for me, fantasy the best**

-Uses control as stress manegment technique: rules, disipline, rigid in certain habits, which will contradict her seeming unconventionality.

-Ussally happiest at home or in controlled enviroment. **I aint going outside!**


-Words and actions often misunderstood by others. **Sorry if you think I said something innopropiate, I didn't know!**

-Percieved to be cold-hearted and self-centered; unfriendly. **Yeah...pretty much**

-Is very outspoken at times, may get very fired up when talking about passions/obsessive interests. **HEeheh, Hetalia.**

-Can be very shy or mute. **......**

-Like her male counterpart, will shut down in social situations once overloaded, but is generally better at socializing in small doses. May give the apperance of 'skilled', but it is a 'performance'. **This is why I don't spend much time on the chatbox**

-WIll not have many girlfriends and will not do 'girly' things like shopping with them or have get-togethers to 'hang out'. **Got dat right**

-Will have a close friend or friends in school, but not once adulthood is reached. **NUUU!**

-May or may not want to have a relationship. If she is in a relationship, she probbally takes it very seriously but she may choose to stay celibate or alone. **FOREVER ALONE**

-Often prefers the company of animals but not always due to sensory issues. **I want to be a vet or animal cop when I'm older ^^**


-Emotionally immature and emotionally sensitive. **People can make me cry easily**

-Anxiety and fear are predominant emotions. **How will I live my future!?**

-More open to talking about feelings and emotional issues than males with A.S.

-Strong sensory issues--sounds, sight, smell, touch, and prone to overload. **I can't handle loud surroundings and strong smells. Also hate to be touched.**

-Moody and prone to bouts of deppression. May have been diagnosed as bi-polar or manic depressive. **I was diagnosed with Depression and had to take meds since kidnergarden**

-Stims to soothe when agitated: Rocking, face-rubbing, humming, finger licking, bouncing, finger or foot-tapping. **I rub my face alot when agitated.**

-Similarily physical when happy: hand-flapping, clapping, singing, jumping, running around, dancing, and bouncing. **Used to hand-flap, not anymore**

-Prone to temper and crying meltdowns, even in public, sometimes over seemingly small things due to sensory or emeotional overload. **meh, I can cotain myself actually**

-Hates injustice and hates to be misunderstood; this can incite anger or rage. **YES**

-Prone to mutism when stressed or upset, esp. after meltdown. Less likely to stutter than male counter part but may have raspy voice. monotime at times, when stressed or sad.


-Often musical, artistic.

-May have a savant skill or strong talent. **Pfft, not really XD**

-May have a strong interest in computer games, science, graphic design, inventing, things of a technological and visual nature. More verbal thinkers may gravitate to writing, languages, culteral studies, and phychology. **I love ALL those things O_O"**

-May be a self-taught reader, been hyperlexic as a child and will poccess a wide variety of otehr skills as well. **NOPE**

-May be highly educated but will struggle with the social aspects of college. **Oh joy...**

-Can be very passionate about a course of study or job, then change direction or go completely cold on it very quickly. **Oh god I hope not!**

-Will often have trouble holding onto a job and will find employment daunting. **SO scary..**

-Highly intelligent, yet sometimes can be slow to comprehend due to sensory and cognitive processing issues. **SHUT UP PEOPLE! I AM TRYING TO LEARN!**

-WIll have obssessions, but not as unussual as her male counterpart.

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