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When the snows fall, and the winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

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Nesoi the Guard

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1Nesoi the Guard  Empty Nesoi the Guard on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:46 am


Nesoi the Guard  B5sak5

> Nesoi

> Nessi, Ness, Soy

> Female

Fur color:
> Nesoi's coat is mainly made up of different shadings of black and grey. The rest of her is an off white to a white color.

Eye color:
> Dark brown

Nesoi the Guard  28vbvr5

> 3 years

Physical Appearance:
> Nesoi is rather short and stocky, but its not that noticeable. Only if you get up close to her you can tell. She has normal size legs which may not look a lot to the normal wolf, but those legs pack a ton of muscle.

She has a long and thick pelt. It can get heavy in the winter with all of the snow that falls. That is how she works her back muscles during the winter. She has no scars or bumps of the sort. She has what some say a 'perfect coat'.

> Nesoi is a sweet and friendly wolf. To males that is. Her bond with female wolves will most likely never happen, as she usually ends up in fights with them. She has the potential to make a female friend, but its a very rare thing to happen. Once you get to know Nesoi, her personality and everything will come out. If she feels she can trust you, she will always have your back.

Nesoi does have a temper and it is an ugly one if it progresses. She will tolerate some wolves, but if they just have a personality that she can't stand, she will show off her ugliness.

> Nesoi grew up with all male siblings, which is probably why she likes to hang out with male wolves more. She never knew her father and didn’t really care too. According to her mother’s stories, he was a jerk and only went around making other female wolves pregnant, but he never came by to see his pups. Nesoi didn’t care though; she loved her brothers and mother and couldn’t see life without them.
Nesoi was one of the boys growing up. She would always do what they did. She loved the dirt, mud, anything really. But, when it was time to leave her family, she was heartbroken. Of course she wanted to be on her own, but didn’t like to be left alone. She always liked some company.

Nesoi the Guard  2ninuj7


> Mother- Hera, Alive
> Father- Unknown
> Brother- Cratos, Alive
> Brother- Aeolus, Deceased
> Brother- Pan, Alive

> Her brothers
> Snow/Wind
> Cold nights
> Fighting (when she gets the chance too)

> Her father
> Female wolves (not all, she can befriend one, but its rare)
> Hot weather
> Annoying wolves

> Mikol

None at the moment

None at the moment

**Genetic Potentials/skills**:
Strength & Speed: 80/100
Wisdom & Focus: 60/100

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2Nesoi the Guard  Empty Re: Nesoi the Guard on Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:33 am


Bio accepted, Nesoi Very Happy You may rp :p

Nesoi the Guard  2uyrwjo
Nesoi the Guard  Y2gjo Nesoi the Guard  2nsx11 Nesoi the Guard  Y2gjo

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